Any data, anytime, anywhere!

Our Offer

Our clients partner with MyInfoSet to structure, simplify and accelerate their market intelligence processes.

Our offer consists in two main areas:

  • - Active Watch provides customizable market intelligence dashboards based on MyInfoSet data collection and treatment technologies.
  • - Expert Engagement provides fast and tailored consultations with industry experts on a project basis.

Our Customers

  • Busy Executives following different local markets, and willing to save precious time of recurrent information research.
  • Sales people on the go: they need key information to prepare customer meetings, or during the course of the negotiation. Their smart phone is the preferred information tool.
  • In general, marketing and business people, wishing to update regularly on market trends, competition, and important for them key public indicators.
  • Web masters, and Intranet managers, willing to enhance their company web site/intranet with relevant numeric information, updated on regular basis, and represented in attractive way.

Platforms & Technology

Our technology is developed and based on the latest available standards and tools: XML collection and meta data; cloud databases hosted by; proprietary software ‘WebMine’; web interface via HTML5 for reach, interactive and multi-platform connections (for mobiles, or integration in your internet & intranet sites); connections to ‘Roambi’ app for iPhone/iPad.